Snack Packs

One of our current projects is SnackPacks, a simple program that makes use of preexisting relationships and preexisting facilities. 
The SnackPack Program provides supplementary food to low-income Montana students in a discreet and dignified manner. 

Each SnackPack typically includes at least two servings of a choice of high-protein entrées, three 5-gram side dishes, a fruit serving, and a granola bar. By packing food in a large brown paper lunch bag like that of a homemade lunch, SnackPacks provides anonymity for a student and reduces any stigma associated with taking food donations. After being assembled, SnackPacks are then delivered to select classrooms and distributed to students by teachers, thus meeting the federal standard of determination of need of a minor. 

SnackPacks offers some support, no questions asked, to our hard-to-reach students and some of our hardest to reach young men. While it is only a part of the solution, students do receive some food and are shown that they are remembered and cared for by their community in a concrete way. Once they are shown that help is available, perhaps they will reach out to some of the other resources on campus. 

Snack Pack currently serves some schools in the Missoula area. We are hoping to implement this program into other schools that need it.